Hiring Piano Movers vs. Moving a Piano Yourself 

Do you plan on moving to a new house or are you relocating the piano to a new location? How do you plan on moving the piano? This question will surely bug your mind. Your piano is precious and the last thing you want is for it to get scratched and worst destroyed. Relocating it will cause you huge worry and hassle, especially if you don’t have experiences in moving it.  

Piano Movers 

We know that pianos are really difficult to move. It’s heavy and one wrong move can damage its parts. It’s a big, heavy and clunky instrument yet collectors and musicians love to keep them around the house. Why not? It’s such a treasured piece of instrument. It has sentimental value, so when moving it one should have an expertise.  

Hiring a Professional Piano Mover 

Piano moving requires a lot of work, one pair of hands won’t do it. This is such a long process that doesn’t involve one level of lifting only. Imagine if the piano is in the second level of the house, and the door is narrow. Surely, this will require calculation so you can carry it out safely. That’s why people hire San Diego piano movers to do the difficult job.  

These people are experts when it comes to moving a piano. Most of the companies also hire musicians because they know how to work around it especially if they have experiences before. They have the training and the tools to carry out the task safely.  

You can get a lot of benefits from hiring one. They are better equipped than you. They will make the moving experience less stressful for you; especially that your piano would be on the hands of well-trained people. You can also prevent injuries from happening and damages to the piano as well. When you hire a piano mover, just make sure they are insured.  

If you’re thinking about the cost, the service charge is not that costly. The move will depend on the distance and location of the move. It can range from $100 to $1,000. Aside from the labor charges, think about the equipment they’re going to use. They use locking piano belt and dolly and hump to secure the move. So $100 or more is worth it.  

DIY Piano Moving 

If you’re thinking about the DIY approach when moving a piano, you’re going to buy the tools and equipment: piano skidboard ($125), locking piano belt ($25), hump strap ($25), and wheel dolly ($125). Aside from the equipment, you’re going to rent a truck because you just can’t put them in a regular vehicle. An estimate of the DIY piano move will cost you around $300 or more, depending the distance. Plus, all the labor will be done by you and you also need a helping hand.  

If you compare to the costs of the professional moving company, you’re going to spend the same amount of money. Aside from that, there are a lot of dangers associated with piano moving especially if the piano is really heavy. To avoid injuries and damages, make a wise decision.